New tech startup helping gender pay gap to become more transparent

sliip startup founders

A new, innovative crowdsourcing tool is helping the gender pay gap become more transparent.

Developed by a tech startup, Sliips is helping to eradicate the barriers that make pay a taboo subject, bringing transparency to gaps in pay based on gender, ethnicity and class.

Launched in 2016, Sliips aggregates real payslip data, anonymously submitted by its users and delivers unique insights into industry and company salaries.

Sliip was born after founders Patrick McConnell, Thomas Pickard and Thomas Ridings, noticed that an increasing number of their friends, especially women, were feeling they may have been undersold when negotiating pay.

Speaking about the tool, McConnell said, “We want to champion fairness in pay and start breaking down the barriers that allow controversies like the gender pay gap to exist.”

“With transparency, society is then better positioned to provide the kind of scrutiny necessary to make salaries fairer.”

“A friend I’ve known since university was asked the fateful ‘pay question’ at a job interview.”

“Without hesitation, the company agreed to the amount, leaving her questioning whether she should have asked for more.”

“It was only months down the line, when the topic of salary came up while chatting to colleagues on a work night out, that she realised her fears were founded in something real.”

With International Women’s Day around the corner, Sliip is hoping to encourage more women to join in the movement and submit their payslips.

McConnell continued, “Women in the workplace bring valued and varied skills, experience and strengths, but our data is showing that they aren’t being compensated fairly for their contribution when compared to men.”

“Already we can see a marked gender gap in the salaries that our users have submitted.”

“Although at the moment, two thirds of our payslips have been submitted by men, so with International Women’s Day coming up on 8th March, we need women to step up and help to make progress with pay transparency!”

“The more payslips we get, the more accurate our statistics will be.”

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