02/04/20: Online Networking Event: Develop a Growth Mindset & Build Resilience and Grit | Xtraordinary Women

Online Networking Event with Lois Wagner Xtraordinary women

Develop a Growth Mindset and Build Resilience and Grit.

In a world of unpredictable and chaotic change filled with challenges that make it difficult to achieve your goals, using real-life stories, Lois provides A-Z tips on how to build resilience and grit. She will have you laughing as she shares lessons based on her own life and career transitions.

Lois has been through many life and career challenges – from divorce to rape, to starting and losing a business, to starting another business, to forced retirement, to starting again, and again.

As a result, she has built the resilience and grit to manage these changes and develop her mojo with a sense of humour.

She ignites audiences and helps communicate, connect, and catapult them into action. Her stories motivate the audience to build their resilience and grit, to energise their mojo, and to achieve their goals.


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