02/12/18: Practise public speaking in Portobello

Public Speaking in Portobello

An interactive one day workshop run by not just one professional, but two!

Shola Kaye, an award winning professional speaker and coach, AND Arantxa De Dios a multi-lingual hypnotherapist and NLP coach, will be your hosts for the day.  The workshop will be limited to only 16 people so booking a place early is advisable.

Presentation skills are extremely valuable in today’s society and whether you want to get ahead at work, be more assertive during conversations or deliver your personal message to the world, you owe it to yourself to be a good and effective communicator.  Many people suffer from a debilitating fear of public speaking but that shouldn’t hold you back!  This workshop will teach you fear-busting strategies and practical ways to ace the stage!

Arantxa & Shola

During this highly experiential and interactive day you will discover the courage to speak up and be you.  You will leave with the tools to reduce anxiety, frameworks and structures to help you speak with ease and, of course, the experience to know you can present with confidence again and again.

For details of the full programme and to purchase tickets click here. To discover more about Shola Kaye visit www.sholakaye.com and Arantxa De Dios visit www.arantxadedios.com

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