03/11/2021: Menopause: Breaking the last workplace taboo – with Kate Usher | Herman Miller Insight Group

Menopause, Breaking the taboo with Kate Usher event

Menopause has historically been seen as a ‘woman’s issue’ and ignored in the workplace. That is until now.

Because of the nature of Menopause everyone is affected, yet most of us know nothing about it other than the ubiquitous negative media stereotype. With increasing numbers of highly skilled women approaching or experiencing their Menopause and choosing to leave the workforce due to a lack of support, this is the last taboo that the workplace has yet to face.

Key topics for the session are:

  • Why Menopause is both an EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) and Wellbeing issue which impacts us all
  • What it is and how it impacts women and their careers
  • Historical bias and stereotypes and how to break them
  • What managers need to do and why
  • How to open the conversation around Menopause
  • How the workplace can support Menopause

Who is this session for?: Anyone and everyone who knows a woman, works with a woman or is a woman.

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