03/12/2022: Making Business Boss Moves in 2023 – Winter edition!


A full day Conference to provide small business owners with the strategies to begin 2023 strong with those business boss moves!

As 2022 comes to an end, you may have planned to make Business Boss Moves, but I want to know how it’s all working out!

A brand new year is on the horizon and you have to decide what you’re going to do throughout this new year.

If we want a year of celebrating and not commiserating then things need to change.

We were able to end 2021 on six figures after creating a plan that we stuck to and that brought about the results that we’d prayed for!

But the main thing that I learnt was that praying without action is not going to cut it! And without the grace of God, praying without the right action won’t be much help either!

So instead of hoping and wishing things will come together, let’s make a plan to take the right actions! Start that plan by attending this event so that you can be educated, inspired and motivated to get things done and make those business boss moves!

Are you planning for the below in 2023? Would you like to:

  • Start having consistent orders every month?
  • Have a business that is bringing in a profitable and sustainable monthly income?
  • Feel in control of your money and start hitting your business money goals?
  • Have a stream of your ideal clients who can’t wait to work with you?

Then why not join us for this inspirational one day conference either in person at this scenic venue, or online, for all of our international folk! But of course if you want to fly over, you’re most welcome!

This is for you if you are a business owner and:

  • You’ve been running a business for some time yet you see no tangible growth
  • You have tried other strategies, coaches and courses but you feel like nothing is working
  • You’re feeling stuck – your business does not seemed to have moved despite what you have tried in the past
  • You know you need to try something different to get different results in 2023
  • You need an injection of motivation and inspiration to kick start you
  • You love to connect your faith with your business

If so, then this one day conference is definitely for you!!

Grab your tickets now – limited in person spaces available! Let’s start 2023, making business boss moves!


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