06/03/2021: Funny Women Around the World

Funny Women Around the World event

Pack your bags (well, turn on your computers) – we’re going travelling!

Over the past year, despite lockdown, we’ve strengthened our virtual communications and widened our chapters’ reach. Our funny tentacles now stretch to London, Bristol, Medway, Manchester, Glasgow, Dublin, Amsterdam, Boston, Singapore and Melbourne. That’s a big group of fabulously international comedy-makers!

To celebrate our international comrades, we’re running the inaugural Funny Women Around The World event, showcasing comedy and entertainment from every corner of the globe. And we’re going to do it over twelve hours—because why not!

We’ve already locked in some thigh-slapping performances from the USA, Australia, Singapore, Ireland, the Netherlands, and a wide range of regions across the UK. Our producers will be bringing you fresh comedy streamed for free via Twitch. Get ready to see new regional talent, some familiar Funny Women faces and formats that will keep you engaged no matter when you tune in.

Expect panel discussions, backstage insight, performance tips, digital content, and of course, “live” performances. Whether you’re a Funny Women enthusiast or a newbie humour-hunter, all are welcome to join, and drop in anytime.


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