06/05/19: Walk In Her Shoes 2019 | CARE International

Walk In Her Shoes

Walk In Her Shoes 2019

We want you to walk 10k steps a day for a week for CARE International UK.

Register for just £5 and raise £100, and by walking 10k steps (that’s about 8km/5mile) a day, you can make a real difference to the lives of women and girls living in poverty around the world.

So, grab your buddy or your buggy, your sister or your mister, team up with anyone you fancy, or fly solo if you like. But join us for Walk In Her Shoes 2019!

Walking for water

Every day thousands of women and girls, all over the world, have no choice but to walk many miles to fetch water for their families. Water that is often dirty.

Their daily routine deprives them of the chance to have an education, a job, and traps them in a cycle of poverty.

The money you raise can help build wells and water pumps closer to rural communities so that women and girls don’t have to spend their days walking for water, and can plan for a better future.

The difference you make

Projects run by the money we’ve raised have helped bring water to communities all around the world.

In Amhara, Ethiopia, CARE’s LEGAS Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Project built or rehabilitated 1,479 water points in rural communities, providing safe and adequate water access for 302,192 people. 80% of households there now travel less than half an hour to get water.

This has led to an increase in girls’ school enrolment, improved school performance and reduced incidences of violence against girls collecting water.

The money you raise can really help change the lives of women around the world.


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