07/04/2020: WeAreVirtual: How to thrive during uncertain times – being resilient AF webinar | Lisa Barnwell

Lisa Barnwell - Webinar

Being resilient, authentic and fearless comes from within but many leaders look outward for guidance on how to lead.

Accessing your own thoughts and beliefs is critical in understanding how and why you respond in certain ways.

This short session will deliver laser-focused coaching techniques and cutting-edge tools that will set you up for sustainable success, helping you to lead well and thrive – whatever is going on around you.

Discover the tools you need to expand your creativity, super-charge your energy and improve your connection with others.

Start to connect with your thoughts at the level of identity to shift your thinking and accelerate your growth.

Let go of the need to be perfect and learn to show up exactly as you.


Lisa BarnwellAbout Lisa

Lisa is a certified coach, facilitator and the creator of The Imperfect Leader Program; a mastermind and mentor coaching program for conscious leaders. She uses emotional intelligence and the latest cutting-edge techniques to help those wanting to improve their health, mindset and impact, and model new ways to work. Her creative, warm approach supports leaders navigating change and uncertainty and the unpredictable path of progression.

“Everything I’ve learnt until now as a coach, mentor and entrepreneur has taught me that resilience comes from within and is intrinsically linked to our sense of identity and self-beliefs. After a 3 year journey through cancer and a 20 year career as an entrepreneur, I’ve first hand experience in how to develop the emotional awareness needed by leaders today to face the unknown, show up imperfectly and have proven success with a tool-kit that builds resilience to improve performance. Over 100,000 women globally have tried and tested these techniques but my belief is they can work for all.”

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