08/03/18: IWD Expertise Session | One Girl Band

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This year’s International Women’s Day perfectly coincides with our first anniversary of being in the Space, so what better way to celebrate ALL women and the past 365 days by having our biggest Expertise Session yet!

In this Expertise Session, you’ll be hearing from five speakers on topics that will set you up for success as a One Girl Band. Pizza and prosecco will obviously be involved, too.

All profits from ticket sales will go to Rise– Helping women, children, young people and the LGB&T* community affected by domestic abuse. They offer practical solutions, shelter and support in Brighton, Hove and Sussex.

We will also be collecting donations of tampons and other sanitary products for Whitehawk Food Bank to give to those who are homeless/unable to afford these necessary items- so please do bring along supplies if you’re able to.

Talk details are as follows, with more to be announced:

Natasha Bailie– Instagram with Integrity

Natasha Bailie is a Mental Mutha trying to navigate the balance of her mental health whilst parenting #thekid. Natasha has created an online community of women where ‘sharing with no shame’ is positively encouraged and all Mental Mutha’s are welcome. She started using Instagram when Hipstamatic was cool and she documented motherhood and her travels. She now uses her squares for influence (because a gal’s got to eat) and to help women #sharewithnoshame when it comes to their mental health, but how can you influence and empower? You Instagram with integrity. Natasha has built up a loyal following (over 19k) of likeminded and engaged women. How? Why? Because integrity matters. As a business, a blogger or a brand, your social media is your shop window, a first impression for potential clients and customers to see who you are and ultimately to understand what you stand for. In this workshop, Natasha will discuss authenticity, tribe building, engagement and consistency when it comes to Instagramming with integrity.

Julia Day – Accounting for Small Businesses

Julia is an accountant and blogger from Liverpool. She came up with the idea for Easy As VAT because she noticed that a lot of self-employed people found things like tax and bookkeeping confusing and the resources available at the time weren’t very helpful. She wanted to create a free resource for business owners to be able to find everything they need to know about the financial side of their business in one place, without the boring, boardroom jargon that often accompanies this kind of information.

Tax doesn’t have to be complicated – this interactive workshop will break everything you need to know down into simple, easy to follow steps. Topics covered include getting started with tax, claiming expenses and preparing for your tax return through the year with a Q&A at the end of the workshop.

Mary Meadows – Goalsetting Workshop

Mary is a Life Coach helping and supporting you to move forward in your life. She’ll help you build your resilience, confidenc, and resourcefulness in a safe, nurturing space- whether that’s online or in person.

In this workshop, you will experience simple, practical, and revealing tools and techniques that will look at all areas of your life and give you the inspiration, motivation and support to move forward. To take action, and to START. Life coaching works in a very practical way, giving YOU the power to move forward with intention, with that twinkle in your eye that ‘You’ve got this’

You will:

– understand why goal setting is important

– know where you are going and why

– change your perspective of failing

– make sure your goals are achievable

– power up your self-belief

– have an actionable plan to take away with you

Nadia Meli – Finding your Vision and Style

Nadia is an international wedding and elopement photographer, born in Italy, raised in Germany and based in Brighton. Her purpose in life is to make people feel loved and like they belong – and she uses beauty to do that because she believes beauty is love made visible. Her style is very much guided by her vision and purpose: a sense of belonging.

Nadia’s talk will be all about how to stay inspired and stand out in a crowded industry, as well as how to find your style, define your vision and attract your dream client.Her greatest passion consists of people, their stories, their lives and seeing them come alive; so she created workshops directed at photographers and other creatives who want to find their own style and voice in this big industry of same-same. They focus on developing a vision for your art. She wants to help break the cycle of looking to others for inspiration, constant comparison to other creatives and creative confusion.


Please note we’re on the second floor so stairs are involved. We’ll be starting promptly at 6pm so please arrive by 5.45 to grab a seat!


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