08/10/2021: Career Masterclass: Stretch Conference 2021

Career Masterclass, Stretch 2021 conference

The STRETCH conference by Career Masterclass is the leading career development conference for Black and Ethnically diverse professionals in the UK.

Held annually in October during Black History Month, it attracts thousands of attendees across various industries and locations.

STRETCH 2021 is a half-day virtual conference themed “Building for the Future”. Against a post COVID-19 backdrop of uncertainty, the world has experienced a seismic shift, with globalisation and socio-economic factors heavily impacting the labour market.

The future of work is changing right before our eyes. The STRETCH 2021 conference will explore the challenges and opportunities you’re facing as professional in today’s rapidly changing world. You’ll leave with practical insights for building a successful career in the near term, and be equipped to position strategically for the future.

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