08/02/2016: Make Yourself Visible At Work: Step Into Your Best Light To Progress Your Career

Voice at the tableBuild the confidence and visibility which complement your competence, by finding authentic, self-assured ways to blow your own trumpet and get noticed

In today’s workplace, it’s not enough to be good, or even brilliant, at your job. To succeed in your career and have the roles you want, you and your achievements need to be visible to the people who matter. You need to feel comfortable and confident promoting yourself to make sure you’re regularly seen in your best light.

Successful self-promotion starts with a strong sense of who you are and how you add value to others. Our workshop therefore starts with an exploration of your personal brand. We help you unlock your brand ‘DNA’, finding out what makes you Distinctive, developing a powerful personal Narrative, and starting to outline the particular Actions which will bring your own brand to life. We know that self-promotion also requires plenty of self-confidence and resilience.

We will help you identify and re-frame the limiting assumptions that might be holding you back, and find approaches to confidently increase your visibility. Finally, we’ll delve into some of the specific ways and places where you can build your profile, drawing out strategies you can use for example in meetings, at networking events and online.

You’ll leave the workshop ready to promote yourself authentically, confidently and proactively.


  • Explore the links between visibility and career progression to find your own compelling reasons for self-promotion
  • Use exercises and discussion of strengths, values and passions to establish the foundations of a personal brand to underpin your unique approach to self-promotion
  • Strengthen your confidence to act by understanding and tackling limiting assumptions and securing greater resilience
  • Share experiences and develop strategies to increase visibility and impact in key scenarios such as meetings and networking events


  • Understand why being visible with a clear and consistent personal brand is a vital element for career success
  • Hold the key components of their personal brand and know how to develop it
  • Have an action plan to build personal visibility, tailored to their working preferences, situation and corporate culture, and have the confidence to implement it

This workshop is ideally suited to women aiming for middle leadership who may be struggling to differentiate themselves from their peers, and to women who are finding it hard to achieve visibility in their firm or sector to secure their next role or promotion.

Your Trainers: Katie Driver & Cara Moore
Event Details:

Date: 11th January 2016

Time: 9:30 – 16:30

Location: London TBC

Price: £400.00 + £80.00 VAT


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