08/06/2016 – ThinkB!G – Ideas Inspired by Story

The 7 Secrets of Storytelling – using the power of storytelling to build your brand and grow your business.

Kick-start your thinking about your brand and the power in your story. You know telling your story with authenticity and passion can help you engage, connect and interest your audience.

Whether you are looking for help closing deals, raising investor funding, or convincing the press to write articles about you or your business this day will help you discover, create and leverage YOUR STORY.

ThinkB!G on 8 June 2016, is a one day conference where you will discover the 7 secrets of effective storytelling and understand how to use your unique storytelling skills to grow your business.

You will benefit from masterclasses and presentations from some of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs and speakers including; Lara Morgan; Julia Streets and Randolph Matthews.

Six Reasons Why You Should Attend?

1. KICK-START your thinking about YOUR STORY to market your business better
2. INSPIRE your team with fresh ideas to charge up that hill with passion and excitement
3. CREATE something that has value for others
4. WIN a FREE-PRIZE DRAW – Pitch Perfect Club Membership – worth £6000.00
5. GET FREE storytelling and public speaking hints and tips worth £900.00
6. GET 3 MONTHS FREE online tools to help you present YOUR BRAND STORY

About the speakers –

Lara Morgan – Investor (body care), Motivational Speaker, Author, Advisor & Mum

Creating your own niche

Lara Morgan Can you create a business with no plan, no vision..with nothing?

Small businesses and entrepreneurs need to be more inventive and innovative around the way they create their own market niche, adding value to the service or product they are offering, making their business unique and creating a platform for them to be the expert in their field.

Lara’s story will inspire you to own the niche in your market place and will show you how you can make a global brand, allowing you to get a head in your industry, doing it better than your competitors.

About Lara

A successful business woman widely known for building a global leading brand licensing business, Pacific Direct, over seventeen years before selling a majority shareholding for £20 million.

Julia Streets – Founder and CEO of Streets Consulting Ltd

You know you can’t?

Untitled1Have you had people tell you what you can’t do? Have you been told it would just be better to follow a more well-trodden path? I have. I’ve been told I’d never be able to get on in life unless I had a degree. Told I’d never be able to scale a virtual business and I’d have to set up offices. I could never be business woman and a stand-up comedian, I’d have to choose. Perhaps they’re right, after all the people who tell us ‘you can’t’, generally can’t ever be wrong. Right?

About Julia

I am the Founder and CEO of Streets Consulting Ltd, a fast growing business development, marketing and communications consultancy. We have teams in the UK and US working with financial services, technology and early stage/fast growth companies. I was really delighted to have been named one of Brummell Magazine’s Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs and last year they kindly named me one of their Inspirational Women on Boards.

Randolph Matthews – Vocal Voyager

You have a Voice!

Randolph MatthewsRandolph’s talk is mind blowing, stylish and original as he uses looped sounds and witty stories to communicate how, by using the power of our voice, we can enhance organisational decisions, communication, sales and productivity.

About Randolph

Randolph received an American scholarship to study voice movement therapist Boston Massachusetts in 2003.On his return to London Randolph worked with record labels in a voice developmental role with new artists and with management teams on communication skills and developmental engagement at Sony music.

Randolph has drawn on his 20 years of experience as a Vocal performer, educator and creative facilitator in the music industry to develop keynotes and workshops for business on personal communication focused on business development. He demonstrates in a mind blowing original way how the 10 vocal components could help your managers communicate, your sales team sell more your negotiators achieve more.


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