08/09/2016 – Workshop: Fit Work and Life Together

Explore practical ways to reconcile conflicting career and home demands.


In this workshop we will show you how to re-appraise relentless work and home commitments and discover realistic coping and thriving strategies. A key to this is developing your emotional resilience and appreciating that trying to ‘do it all’ can be your undoing. The workshop focuses on 3 areas: (1) being productive at work, (2) how to deal with conflicting priorities at work and at home and (3) the importance of ‘me-time’ and how to find it.

During the workshop delegates will learn:

  • How to prioritise and get the important tasks done
  • The importance of asking for help and delegation
  • Your limits, boundaries and ways to say “No”
  • How to adopt a more helpful mind-set and attitude
  • How to manage your energy as well as your time
  • Tips and strategies to become more resilient
  • How to create space for yourself

By the end of the workshop delegates will:

  • Have a personalised action plan to improve work-life balance
  • Feel more in control and be able to manage others’ expectations of you
  • Feel empowered to have honest conversations about what will make a difference
  • Have a fresh and refreshing perspective on life and what’s important to you
  • Have an understanding of how to go beyond simply surviving to thriving and flourishing

This workshop is for you if you feel any of the following:

  • You want to be your best in every environment and are feeling challenged
  • You feel you have too much on your plate and are starting to feel overwhelmed
  • You spend your time being reactive, fire-fighting and are too busy to enjoy the moment
  • You’ve lost sight of your purpose, you’re operating on auto-pilot and life is beginning to feel unrewarding
  • You feel that while you’re looking out for everyone’s needs, your own needs no longer seem to matter
Event Details:

Date: 8th September 2016

Time: 9:30 – 13:30

Location: London TBC

Price: £200.00



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