09/07/2014 – WATC Webinar: Is it Time We Got a Personal Trainer for Our Minds with Anna Margolis


  • Are you feeling disenchanted, disconnected or disengaged at work or home?
  • Have you always thought there’s more to life than what you see on a conscious level?
  • Are you ready to start living up to your potential in all areas of your life?
  • Do you value personal growth?

If 2 or more of these are true for you then this webinar is for you.

Join us for our WATC Webinar series on Wednesday 9th July at 12.30pm to learn how professional coaching is fast becoming THE modality for female professionals who are waking up to another, more empowering, more liberating and all round more effective way of being.

Are you someone who spends hours down the gym or hundreds or thousands of pounds a year on fitness equipment or personal trainers? Just think about it for a moment; how much time, money and effort do you spend on your diet, health and appearance each year.

Where personal training is all about reconditioning your body, professional coaching is about reconditioning your mind. Where personal training primarily focusses on the physical, professional coaching considers every aspect of your life: the physical, the mental, the emotional, the spiritual, the social and the environmental.

What Exactly Is Coaching?

Coaching is a profession that recognises the innate power and creativity in all of us. Through a combination of asking the right, often deep and powerful questions, and shifting the client’s focus away from ‘why’ things happen to ‘what’ they want to achieve and ‘how’ they’re going get it, coaching helps clients to develop action plans to achieve their objectives, while teaching them the skills to continually create success in the future.

Coaching doesn’t just offer solutions; it is the training that allows you to learn how to repeatedly develop your own solutions and to cultivate that ability in the people around you.

In this revealing session we’ll discover:
  • What makes coaching so powerful and how does it differ from counselling or consulting?
  • The top tips for selecting and working with a professional coach;
  • Tangible action items to walk away with and start applying in your life and workplace; and
  • You will also have the opportunity to pose any questions you may have to both Anna and an iPEC graduate.

Be prepared for lots of discussion, fresh ideas and insights and come prepared with questions to ask in our interactive Q&A session that will inspire, educate and help you become the architect of your life and mind.

WeAreTheCity and Anna Margolis are pleased to invite WATC Members to this fantastic webinar.


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AMargolisAbout Anna

This interactive session will be led by Anna Margolis, international coach training expert and the Programme Director for the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, in London (www.ipeclondon.com). With 16 operations globally, iPEC has been independently ranked the world’s leading ICF-Accredited Coach Training Programme.

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