1 skyscraper. 6 women. No permission. What will you do to save the Arctic?

At 4:20am, 6 women started climbing the Shard, in central London, to force Shell to face up to the damage its doing in the Arctic.

This all female climbing team from GreenPeace have put themselves at risk to make Shell listen to their plea to Save the Arctic. It is an incredibly brave inspirational story.

Why are they doing it?

What we decide today about the Arctic and climate change will affect humanity long after these oil company logos and opportunistic politicians are forgotten.

That’s why we’re up here, scaling this skyscraper modelled on a shard of ice. As we look down, we’re in the midpoint of Shell’s three London offices. From here we want to send them a message they won’t forget.

If we make it to the top, we hope to install a giant piece of art that will show the true beauty of the Arctic and why we’re telling Shell to keep its rusty rigs away. We can see them, so we know they can see us.

Tweet your support at #iceclimb. Join the 3 million people drawing a line in the ice!

This building – modelled on a shard of ice – sits slap bang in the middle of Shell’s three London headquarters. They don’t want us talking about their plan to drill in the Arctic. We’re here to shout about it from the rooftops. Join in by sharing this far and wide.

Victo, Ali, Sabine, Sandra, Liesbeth & Wiola

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