10 Top Tips For Presenting With Impact, Power & Confidence

Powerful presentations that captivate your audience are like works of art – every brush stroke counts.

Preparation, planning and practice are essential. This will enable you to look, sound and feel confident whilst having positive impactful results. Remember you are in control. Believe in yourself. Be comfortable with your delivery. It’s natural to have a rush of adrenalin before presenting. This can give us a boost of energy to perform at our very best. Nerves can take you by surprise. I can show you how to take control and give you confidence to present with impact.

These 10 Mind Makeover Artist Tips will help you give an even more successful performance.

1. Plan the picture you want to paint and words you want to say.

Imagine you have a blank canvas before you. The more colourful your communication, the better you will hold audience attention and stick in their memory.

2. Give your audience what they need to hear.

Find out about the audience from the person who booked you to speak.

3. Structure your presentation in three parts:
  • Beginning – tells them what the message is you want to get across
  • Middle – gives points to back up your message and illustrates them with facts and examples
  • End – rounds up what you’ve talked about and leaves the audience members thinking, feeling and doing what you want them to.
4. Tell captivating stories to illustrate points.

People love stories.

5.   Practice your delivery until you feel comfortable with it.

Video yourself and be your own critic.

6. Avoid numerous slides with loads of verbiage.

They’ve come to see you! Use impactful visuals with a few words if necessary.

7. Breathe!

Take slow deep breaths a few minutes before you begin to centre yourself and gather your thoughts.

8. Anchoring.

Squeeze your thumb and forefinger together. Think of a memory of a time you felt really good. By “anchoring” this memory you can re-trigger it before you talk and help you feel great.

9. Voice Tone and projection.

Avoid shouting or straining your voice. Breathe from your diaphragm. Warm up your vocal cords with simple exercises like humming. If you have the opportunity, use a radio microphone.

10. Your Body Language Will Tell A Story!
  • Stand tall with your shoulders back, down and relaxed. A tense neck will give you a tense jaw. Relax!
  • Avoid closed gestures like folding your arms or holding your hands together.
  • Use your hands to express yourself with open arms.
  • Stand with legs shoulder width apart and avoid bending knees or having one foot hooked behind the other. Keep your feet firmly grounded so you feel centred.
  • Avoid moving around too much unless there’s a particular point.
  • Make eye contact with different people in the room.
  • Smile!

NicciRoscoeBe prepared, enjoy delivering your presentation and make a powerful impact.

Author Bio

By Nicci Roscoe – The Mind Makeover Artist, Author Of Fabulous Impact. For more information contact Nicci on [email protected] or visit www.nicciroscoe.com 

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