10/03/2016 – Workshop: How to have a successful and sustainable career

Signature Workshop: Your Voice At The Table

How to have a successful and sustainable career: This Signature Workshop: Your Voice At The Table shows how to plan your career, find the unique foundations for career success, increase visibility and overcome the limiting beliefs that may hold you back.

Are you keen to advance your career yet unsure which steps to take? Do you want to create an authentic strategy, feel more confident and follow it through?

In this session our experienced coaches will help you set out the practical steps you can take day-by-day to make your successful career a reality. They will show you how to be proactive with confidence so you can have the career progression you want.

Objective of the training:

You will go away feeling confident, with a clear action plan and a vision of your own personal career map.

The Signature Workshop: Your Voice At The Table will cover:

  • What is Career mapping
  • How to contribute authentically
  • How to build your own brand
  • How to get noticed
  • How to overcome limiting beliefs

During the workshop delegates will:

  • Learn from the experts –great theoretical practices but we will also share what we have learnt from our own experience that works.
  • Define what makes you unique and authentic
  • Start crafting your own compelling Brand
  • Develop a personalised action plan to get noticed
  • Practice a fail-safe technique for boosting confidence instantly

By the end of the workshop delegates will:

  • Understand what a career map is and that it doesn’t have to be linear or the same as anyone else’s
  • Appreciate your areas of strength (expertise), values and interest (passion) which makes you unique
  • Realise the importance of having your own clear and authentic Brand
  • Know what to do to get noticed for career-enhancing jobs
  • Learn how to overcome limiting beliefs, be confident to take risks and be more self-assured

This workshop is for:

  • People who want to advance their careers but are not sure what steps to take and are not feeling confident about being proactive
  • Individuals who want a career that still allows them to be authentic and not have to role play a person they’re not
  • Someone who knows that their lack of self-belief is holding them back and would like to become more self-assured

Date/Time: 10th March 2016 09:30-13:30 (lunch provided)

Location: London City venue

Price: £240 (including VAT)


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