10/12/2015: Communicate with Clarity

communicate-e1440520582188A course that teaches unique communication skills proven to improve working relationships.

During the master class you will:
  • Learn how to manage different colleagues’ opinions in a diplomatic manner
  • Develop a shared language with a challenging colleague
  • Learn how to give constructive feedback that people will thank you for
  • Learn how to ask the most relevant questions to get to the heart of an issue
  • Use the most precise language that helps avoid miscommunications
By the end of the session participants will be able to:
  • Improve working relationships
  • Avoid unnecessary misunderstandings
  • Increase ‘office confidence’
  • Think laterally
  • Access a toolbox when there is a miscommunication or unaligned goals
This masterclass is for you if:
  • You often feel you are ‘not heard’ and easily misunderstood
  • You want to improve working relationships through developing a common language, increasing empathetic abilities, and by learning to ask relevant questions
  • You want to overcome misunderstandings and avoid ambiguous communication
  • You want to know how to say what you really mean

About the author

Alison is the Digital Content Editor for WeAreTheCity. She has a BA Honours degree in Journalism and History from the University of Portsmouth. She has previously worked in the marketing sector and in a copywriting role. Alison’s other passions and hobbies include writing, blogging and travelling.

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