11/09/20: Anti-Racism Study and Discussion Group for White Folks and Non-Black PoC

Anti Racism Study and Discussion group event

This bi-weekly study group is intended to provide a space for White folks and Non-Black PoC to study Anti-Racism actions.

White folks – it has always been and will continue to be our job to dismantle the systems of oppression that entrap our Black community members. Many of us are asking “What can I do?”, “How can I help?”, or waiting for a checklist that will magically absolve us of our inherent racism. By treating Allyship as a practice of action and un-learning and not a “destination”, we can begin to effectively dismantle these deeply harmful and insidious systems of oppression.

Relying on our Black friends and family to educate us on these topics is violent and destructive. Racism and White Supremacy aren’t new; they are largely studied systems whose resources are plentiful and easily accessible.

This bi-weekly study group is intended to provide a space for White folks and non-Black PoC to learn, discuss, and ask questions about topics relating to Anti-Racism without having to rely on our Black community members to educate us and provide us with emotional comfort. Some topics we will tackle together include White Fragility, Intersectional Social Justice, Discomfort, Activism Burnout and Fatigue, and more. All genders are welcome to study.


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