11/12/2021: Position Yourself: Plan Your Career Style Strategy | Melanie Potro & Liz Duarte

Position Yourself: Plan Your Career Style Strategy | Melanie Potro & Liz Duarte

Use style to successfully reach your career goals – plan your Career Style Strategy

First impressions count. Find out how you can elevate your personal brand through the right style choices. Position yourself as the expert and move forward whether you’re starting, changing or developing your career.

In this 2-hour interactive workshop we will teach you how to create a wardrobe that will not only fit your Personality, Body and Lifestyle but also give you the confidence to step out and get visible, showing your PERSONAL BRAND.

Just imagine putting on a well-fitting, structured suit, before entering the room to hold a presentation in front of 100 people. If you can say ‘That fits!’ – you can go into meetings with confidence, feeling empowered and ready to talk without hesitation.

Our training will cover the following Steps:

  • Define your Why – Your Position and Future Career Goals
  • What’s your Industry Dress Codes (there’s always one, whether informal or formal)
  • Using Colour & Style to communicate your personal brand
  • Key Pieces of a Capsule Wardrobe

Melanie Potro has creating corsets for the Bolshoi, worked for Goldman Sachs and ran my own Bridal Couture Business from the London Oxo Tower. With over 25 years of experience in Couture, Corporate & Fashion, she understands how to create a wardrobe that feels empowering and promotes your Personal Brand.

Liz Duarte, her business partner, has lived, worked and studied in London, New York and Milan. She is a Certified Personal Fashion Stylist from the London College of Fashion and holds a Masters degree in Fashion Marketing. An expert in her field, she is currently teaching Personal Branding at the University of Bogota.⁠

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