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Women in Travel cic Presents… Find Your Menopause Mojo , with expert guest Pat Duckworth

FIND YOUR MENOPAUSE MOJO is an event for all women who want to understand, deal with and enjoy a new stage in their life!

This event is part of Women in Travel cic’s ‘Women Taking Charge’ brand new LUNCH ‘N’ LEARN SERIES for 2021 delivered by women, for ALL women.

Our aim is to provide you with intimate and interactive events that will recharge your confidence and boost your business and career. Join one or join them all – it is entirely up to you!

What we will cover

Even though all women go through menopause, most enter that stage of life with limited knowledge about what to expect or how to deal with it.

In this workshop you will learn about:

– Menopause Essentials: hormones, timing and symptoms

– Effects on personal life and career

– Options for treatment

– Lifestyle changes

Our guest speaker is a recognised expert, best selling author and practitioner and will provide you with practical tips that you will be able to take away and implement immediately to enjoy life to the full and with greater appreciation of the challenges and opportunities that menopause brings.

Prepare for an interactive session in a supportive, no-judgement environment!


  • Up your knowledge of menopause as a stage in your life
  • Take control of your experience,
  • Advocate for the help you want and
  • Stay healthy and happy during menopause!


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