12/06/19: The Anne Frank Gala Dinner | The Anne Frank Trust

The Anne Frank Trust Gala Dinner

Wednesday 12 June 2019 will be the 90th anniversary of Anne Frank’s birth. Events to mark this historic date are happening across the world, including in New York, in Frankfurt where Anne was born, and in Amsterdam where she wrote her famous Diary while in hiding from the Nazis.

Here in London, The Anne Frank Trust, are holding a Gala Dinner to celebrate Anne’s remarkable educational legacy, and to build support for charitable work, which has a proven impact on the attitudes of thousands of young people a year across the UK. Guest of Honour at the Dinner will be our Honorary Life President Eva Schloss MBE, Anne’s posthumous stepsister and a survivor of Auschwitz, who herself turns 90 this year. The speaker will be the Oscar-nominated actor and director Sir Kenneth Branagh, and after dinner there will be a performance by blues star Elkie Brooks.

Join us for this unique occasion, and to help raise funds for our work eradicating prejudice and discrimination – work which is sadly more vital now than ever.


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