12 reasons to make friends at work | Infographic

Since the average person spends the majority of their waking adult life in the workplace, the working relationships you build with colleagues could blossom into life-long friendships.

If you are worried that mixing business with pleasure can jeopardise your career, you might be interested to hear the facts.

Having friends at work not only increases productivity, but the added support system decreases stress, increases trust, and has been linked to improved heart health. Many even find an increased satisfaction in their jobs because of their friends at work. In fact, those with friends at work were 27 percent more likely to feel their company mission and position is of importance.

In a study from Glassdoor, culture and values were reported as the factors that matter most to employees. Many people would even sacrifice a substantial pay increase in exchange for more happiness at work. Since the people you work with are the fabric of your company’s culture, it’s important to contribute the thread that binds everyone together. The following visual from GetVoIP highlights 12 benefits of having friends in the workplace.

Benefits of having friends at work

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