12/03/2016: Inner Space Celebrates International Women’s Day

Live Love Laugh with Inner SpacesLIVE. LOVE. LAUGH.

Short talks, reflective exercises, conversations and meditation on how to: Live Boldly. Love Unconditionally. Laugh Wholeheartedly. 

Are you living the life you want? What’s holding you back? Life takes guts and heart. Live boldly and you’ll have more fun living, even if it’s a bit scary!

Are your relationships happy? Can you love without any strings attached? Love yourself and others unconditionally and you’ll want to thrive and be incredible together.

How happy are you? Do you take the time to laugh? Smile and laugh wholeheartedly. It’ll make you feel good, look good, and do good. It really is you best accessory.

Attend four sessions (20 minutes each) from the following:

Short talks . . .
  • Live Boldly
  • Loving Others Unconditionally
  • Love Yourself Enough
  • Laugh Wholeheartedly
Meditations . . .
  • Mindfully Happy
  • Pressure Off, Power On
  • Heart Meditation
Reflective exercises . . .
  • From Ms. Perfectionist to Ms. Realistic
  • What’s Stopping You?

On the day, you can sign in for the sessions you would like to participate in.

When + Where:

Saturday 12th March

11am – 1pm

Westminster City Hall,17 Floor, 64 Victoria Street, London SW1E 6QP

A free event for women by women


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