12/10/2016: The Gender Pay Gap Conference 2016

The Gender Pay Gap Conference 2016: Fast forward your business

The Gender Pay Gap Conference 2016For the 8,000 UK businesses employing more than 250 staff there is now a steep learning curve to negotiate in order to prepare for mandatory gender pay gap reporting and ‘transparency’.

On 15th July 2015, at The Times Chief Executives Summit, David Cameron set an accelerated agenda for advancing gender equality in pay in corporate Britain announcing legislation requiring large employers to calculate their gender pay gap. This will be implemented from April 2017 and details will be published in April 2018. The new Prime minister has supercharged the gender pay gap and wider equality debate with her first words in Downing Street.

This event has been designed to allow organisations to benchmark their progress against the best in the UK, see how other companies are approaching the challenge of mandatory gender pay reporting and learn the most up to date solutions to meet the timetable and law for publication.

The Programme

This event will be filmed and edited into corporate briefing packages that delegates can use within their own companies to move the work forward, train and inform colleagues.

The programme will address:

  • Research and data sources
  • Dealing with bonuses and benefits
  • What information must be published
  • Preparing for outcomes and reactions
  • Sharing results with your staff and stakeholders
  • Implications for tenders and supply chains
  • Anticipating public and industry public reactions
  • Preparing your change agenda
  • Demonstrating impact
  • How it will impact in the competition for talent

The Fawcett Society is organising this conference to support the implementation of this significant regulatory change and share best practice from its extensive network and experience in this area. The Fawcett Society aims to help you stay ahead of the pack and demonstrate to your staff, future talent and stakeholders the work you are doing and the results you are achieving through working with the innovators in working practices in the UK.

Event Details:

Date: 12th October 2016

Time: 9:30 – 16:30

Location: London Marriott West India Quay Hotel, 22 Hertsmere Rd, Canary Wharf, London E14 4ED UK

Price: Standard Fee (from 1 July 2016) – £450 plus VAT/ Fast Forward Network Members – £290 plus VAT/ Group Online Licences – £590 plus VAT


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