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1230 The Womens Company LogoGain all the benefits of 1230 TWC by becoming a full member both on-line and off-line. Join us and hundreds of other business and professional women in one of the most effective and friendly networking organisations there is.

About 1230 TWC:

1230 TWC is the leading, independent networking organisation supporting business women.

More than 10,000 business women in the UK are invited each month to take part in a 1230 TWC Meeting, conference or 1230 TWC Event.

Business women who want to do business with other women, share career experiences and develop a trusted business network.

1230 TWC members enjoy networking in a supportive environment.

1230 TWC business meetings and events are warm and welcoming. They are a rare environment of mutual support, inspiration, vibrancy and learning.

1230 TWC Hosts are the key to the success of 1230 TWC. If there isn’t a 1230 TWC Business Meeting in your area, find out how you can high-profile your business by becoming a 1230 TWC Host. [email protected] 020 8650 8015


Membership of 1230 TWC gives you so many networking opportunities to grow your business.

For your Free Web membership, just complete the form details, Click Submit That’s It! You have a web presence on the 1230 TWC web site. Click here to Join Now.

For Full 1230 TWC Membership once you have clicked Submit you see the annual membership fee details of £180. Just follow that through for payment and you will soon be taking advantage of the many meetings and events available to help your business grow.

Split membership payments are available, please email [email protected] for details.

Why Join?

1230 TWC is here to help you to grow your business and, there’s more than face to face networking.

Here are the primary benefits of joining:

  • attend as many 1230 TWC monthly meetings as you wish at member prices.
  • Membership gives you access to all locations – increasing your networking reach
  • All meetings are booked and paid for online, so there’s no need to bring cash to the meeting
  • Learn to be an effective networker with the 1230 TWC Networking system
  • Be a Featured Member once you’ve uploaded your details on the directory
  • Post articles for members and non- members to read
  • Promote your events to a wider audience through 1230 website
  • Create blog posts in 1230 home page
  • Post your special offers online to be seen by a wider audience than your local group
  • Become a meeting Host
  • Using the 1230 TWC website means your name is better known to Google, again making you better known

Contact Details:

1230 TWC Contacts

T: 020 8650 8015
E: [email protected]
M: 07930 756012

Alternative contacts
[email protected]

Head Office
126 Merlin Grove

Click here
to visit their website.

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