TIAW – The International Alliance for Women

The International Alliance for Women (TIAW) is a global organization dedicated to the economic empowerment and advancement of women all over the globe. Our commitment is to the “she-conomy” – uniting, supporting and promoting women and their chosen networks across six continents, which in turn supports and strengthens the global economic fabric.

TIAW spans a multitude of countries on six continents. Our member associations yield a combined reach of more than 35,000 women. Individual members are executives, business owners and professional women from both the developed and developing worlds. From supporting micro-credit in the developing world to advocating for more women in top global boardrooms, TIAW’s work is based on the knowledge that when women and girls are economically empowered, whole families, communities and societies benefit in equal measure.

We work with women entrepreneurs, professionals, educators and public servants from the leading women’s organizations worldwide and leverage their reach and resources to create a global community of economically empowered women. Our Global Programs are the primary means by which we ‘connect to make all the difference in the world’.

TIAW believes in global enterprise for all.

Currently, women account for $20 trillion of global consumer spending (65%). Accompanying our spend is the World Bank’s prediction of a $5 trillion jump in our global income. As recently reported by Fast Company, “In both emerging markets and developed nations, women’s power of influence extends well beyond the traditional roles of family and education to government, business and the environment. And this is just the start of a sweeping change. Women around the globe have more control over their life choices and path than ever before”.

We believe our best work is to illuminate the way women lead and the difference they are making.

We honor women (and men) every year through our World of Difference Awards. Hundreds of winners later, we stand in awe of the impact these difference-makers have made in the lives of women and their communities. The ripples continue outward, inspiring many others to pursue similar journeys of empowerment.

We believe that inclusivity and accommodation for diversity add value to the whole.

Case studies now show that when three or more women sit on a corporate board of directors, the value of that corporation’s stock increases. In fact, we believe that when people – not just women – are represented in equal measure to their existence in a society, the whole society improves.

We believe that women have the capacity for growth and development in equal measure to men, and their opportunities to grow and develop should be equal as well.

Through TIAW, you can expect our aim to be sure on the economic empowerment of women. Our four channels of focus attack much of what is critical for economic growth… jobs and wealth from Entrepreneurship, leadership skills and development from Women’s Leadership Network, education from Daughters and an expansion of global micro-enterprise is made possible through Micro Credit.

We believe in the power of a girl.

In many countries, women are excluded from education and opportunities; some have no control over their life choices at all. A global challenge remains the education of girls, which has been shown to reduce early pregnancy and leads to employment and entrepreneurship. According to the Economic Intelligence Unit, the principal areas affecting the journey to empowerment lies in labor policy, labor practice, legal and social status, business environment, access to finance and education and training.

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