13/07/2021: WeAreVirtual: Developing a growth mindset | Sian Winfield

WeAreVirtual, Sian Winfield

One focus area of Sian’s coaching is staying motivated and time efficiency. 14 years ago, Sian found herself a single mum and hit rock bottom.

She lived on £30 a week and slept on a sofa to give her son a bed. Yet she remained focused on her goal to create a career and later, to start a business. She will share the techniques and mindset required to motivate yourself to reach your goals even when you don’t feel like it! She will use a combination of her own personal tools for how she stayed motivated during tough times, personally and in the entrepreneurial world, as well as her NLP training, life coaching training and her background as a fitness coach in her first career.


About Sian

Sian WinfieldSian Winfield is an entrepreneurial coach and founder of a multi-national business, CoStartup & Go, specializing in startup support.

Sian started her career as a personal trainer. She realised she had a talent for motivating people and became drawn to learning about how to keep up the motivation for fitness, in other areas of people’s lives. This led her to study life coaching and later, NLP.

After moving on from fitness training, she worked as a PA and EA to CEOs and founders and then in operations roles. Fascinated by how the most successful push themselves, she noted the best habits in time and business management, leadership and focus. Then, soon after becoming a single parent at the age of 31, Sian put all this experience together and started her own business, CoStartup & Go, helping small businesses off the ground.

In five years, the company has grown to seven employees and has worked with over 90 startups globally. Alongside her business, Sian personally coaches CEOs and founders to realise their potential, with a particular focus on time management and motivation.

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