13/10/2021: Preparing for the Future – Perimenopause | Kelly @ Olive-Avocado

Preparing for the future, Perimenopause event

Perimenopause happens prior to menopause – hormone levels will begin to change and so too will you – ready to learn more?

We have seen a step-up in recent years around menopause awareness but did you know your body starts making changes years before? Years in advance of menopause, women can begin to experience shifts in hormone levels which will impact many aspects of life. You can either be caught off-guard or step into a world of better understanding and awareness in order to best support yourself through those adjustments.

My three-hour programme will raise awareness on the topic of perimenopause – what it means, when it happens, why it’s happening and what and allow you to think about what that means and what you can do to best support it.

This course is for you if you’re in your 30s-40s as this is most likely you will begin experiencing signs of perimenopause. Instead of seeing this as another hurdle you have to jump over, let’s reframe it – see it as an event in your life that you can learn to grow around.

Ready to learn more? See you there!

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