13/10/2022: Leadership Presence and Impact Workshop | Aspire

Leadership presence and impact workshop

Presence and Impact is consistently rated by CEOs as the number 1 most important skill to be a successful leader (over and above intelligence, experience and technical expertise).

It is the “wow” factor that sets you up for reaching your true career and life potential, gives you outstanding results and the work/life balance you deserve.

We believe in the power of women to lead change and work with women who are seeking the stretch and inspiration to trail blaze new ways of creating greater impact through content and an approach that is expertly tailored to you – not to mention the incredible support and challenge that happens when you come out of your organization for a day and spend time with an external and diverse network of like-minded women in leadership.

Join Dr Sam Collins, Founder of Aspire and named as ‘One of the Top 200 Women to Impact Business and Industry’ by Her Majesty The Queen and ‘A Woman Shaping the World’ by CNN, for an inspirational and practical day of learning, networking and transformation.

Are you reaching your life, work and career potential?
How much confidence, credibility and charisma do you display?
Is it time to maximise your ability to positively influence others?

Often described as gravitas, authority and the elusive X factor, presence and impact are some of the greatest keys to being successful.

Leadership presence and impact doesn’t automatically come with your education, your talent or your business results. It is entirely subjective. It depends on how others perceive you. We can face unique challenges when it comes to being perceived as a leader and can adopt a “good student” mentality – in which we believe that if we just keep our head down and work hard, that others are bound to notice and reward us.

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