13/12/2021: Understand Your WHY & Create Meaningful Impact in Your Career | Nicola Clemmit Consultancy

Creating meaningful impact, Nicola Clemmit Consultancy

Understanding your WHY in your career, what the purpose is that drives your motivation, is key to getting clear on what success is for you.

Understanding your WHY in your career, what the purpose and beliefs are which drive your motivation and perseverance in your professional life are, is key to getting clear on your definition of success. And getting clear on your definition of success for your career is the road map to a career that will light you up, motivate you, make you feel proud and happy.

Do you want to fall in love with your career?

Would you like to feel more connected, energised and purposeful in your daily work?

Would you like to understand what the true driving force is for you to bring meaning and purpose to the longevity of your career journey?

If the answer is YES to any of the above, then book your place on this workshop.

This workshop will provide you with:

  • An exercise to understand what your WHY might be in your career
  • Understand how this knowledge is vital to understanding what career success means to you personally
  • Knowledge of how your WHY can better direct your career and subsequently lead to you enjoying and valuing the effort and time you give to your work
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