14/04/2020: WeAreVirtual: Toxic Environments: How to spot them, avoid them, survive & escape them webinar | Nicola Forbes-Taylor

Nicola Forbes-Taylor - Webinar

When I started my career, I had no idea what made an environment toxic.

I often turned in on myself – Was it me? Was I not good enough in the role? We can learn and develop ourselves and yet still find situations stress-filled and toxic i.e. poisonous to us.

I will share my experiences and insight into how to spot and avoid toxicity in a prospective employer, and how to survive and escape if this is your current reality. You will come away with one concrete action to help you take a step in a healthy direction for you.

Areas of focus

a. What to look out for and key language giveaways in (job vacancy) advertising and recruitment selection processes
b. How to explore and uncover potentially toxic environments (when you may be set up to fail) when meeting potential new employers
c. Managing and protecting your well-being in toxic situations
d. How to exit gracefully, with relationships in tact and with a positive outlook for the next opportunity


Nicola Forbes-TaylorAbout Nicola

Nicola is a people aficionado; a student of human interactions and dynamics, executive leader and coach. She brings her insight to championing HR/ People Professionals through the development programme, The A List and sometimes shares her observations in stand-up comedy.

She brings perspective from her work with leaders in London start-ups, scale-ups along with her experience with leaders across sectors and corporates throughout her 20 year career. She is passionate about the female agenda and is known for leading panels sharing the female experience and nurturing the future environment for women in work.

She takes a coaching approach to enabling you to develop your self-awareness, understanding of those who are not you, your conscious impact and your toolkit of techniques. You can expect psychological insight, humour and a supportive voice.

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