14/10/2021: Menopause in the Workplace | Wellbeing of Women

Menopause in the Workplace event, Wellbeing of Women

To mark Menopause Awareness Month, we are focusing on the menopause and the impact it can have in the workplace.

Menopause is fast becoming a priority for HR teams in the UK and internationally. The average age for a woman to reach the menopause is 51, with symptoms often starting many years earlier. Around 75% of women experience symptoms of menopause, of which there are over 30, affecting all areas of their lives, including work. As women over the age of 50 are now the fastest growing demographic in the workplace, employers need to address menopause as a workplace issue.

Three out of four women experience menopause symptoms and research suggests that it is in the workplace where women find their symptoms the most difficult to manage.

This event is for women and employers who would like to better understand menopause and the impact it can have on individuals and the workforce, and how to better support those affected.

Our experts will cover:

What is the menopause and what are common symptoms?

First-hand experience of the impact on work

How workplaces can support women and staff

Treatments and medical advice from healthcare professionals

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