16/02/21: WeAreVirtual: Just Ask: Why Seeking Support is your Greatest Strength | Andy Lopata

WeAreVirtual, Andy Lopata

The challenges of the last year have brought to the forefront the need to allow others to support us, both personally and professionally. But it still isn’t easy or natural for many.

Being transparent and comfortable sharing vulnerability with the right people, in the right way, allows us to enhance not just our sense of wellbeing but also our creativity, productivity, mental resilience and the likelihood of achieving our goals.

In Just Ask, Andy Lopata will explore the change in mindset needed to embrace the support of our networks and the power of doing so. He will look at the importance of being vulnerable, what stops us from doing so, and some simple steps to share with confidence and ease.


About Andy

Andy LopataAndy Lopata was called ‘one of Europe’s leading business networking strategists’ by the Financial Times and ‘a true master of networking’ by the Independent and Forbes.com.

A very experienced international speaker, Andy is the author of four books on networking and professional relationships and has been quoted in a number of other business books.

Andy is President of the Fellows Community of the Professional Speaking Association (PSA) and a Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute as well as a Master of the Institute for Sales Management. He is also one of just 26 recipients of the PSA’s top honour, the ‘Award of Excellence’.

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