16/06/2021: Legal Pride 2021 | The Past, Present, and Future of LGBT+ Rights

Legal Pride 2021 | The Past, Present, and Future of LGBT+ Rights

Please join us for a very special part of our Legal Pride 2021 celebration where we explore the past, the present, and the future of LGBT+ rights and activism in the United Kingdom and across the globe.

We will kick off with a panel of intersectional icons who were seminal in the birth of modern LGBT+ rights and activism, including founders of Stonewall here in the United Kingdom as well as trans leaders from the United States and the United Kingdom. Each of the speakers will talk about their personal journey, as well as their contributions to LGBT+ equality and activism. We will also explore what activism means to them and how we can each play our own role as allies to each other within the LGBT+ community.

We will then have a fireside chat with the Chief Executive and Chair of Stonewall to discuss their newly unveiled strategy, Free to Be (2021-2025), encompassing the present state of the LGBT+ rights as well as looking towards the future.

The panel and the fireside chat will be followed by a Q&A session with all of our speakers. This is a once in a lifetime event and not to be missed!


  • Olivette Cole Wilson, Founder, Stonewall; Counsellor; LGBT+ Family Expert, Barnardos; Actress
  • Lisa Power MBE, Founder, Stonewall; Sexual Health Expert; LGBT+ Activist
  • Mia Yamamoto, Lawyer; Civil Rights, LGBT+ and Trans Activist
  • Professor Stephen Whittle OBE, Professor of Equalities Law, Manchester Metropolitan University; LGBT+ and Trans Activist
  • Michael Cashman CBE, Founder, Stonewall; Member of House of Lords; Actor; LGBT+ Activist
  • Nancy Kelley, Chief Executive, Stonewall
  • Sheldon Mills, Chair, Stonewall; Executive Director, FCA; Co-Lead Race & Ethnicity Network, InterLaw Diversity Forum
  • Daniel Winterfeldt QC (Hon), Founder & Chair, InterLaw Diversity Forum; General Counsel EMEA and Asia, Jefferies (Moderator


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