17/11/18 – Hike for Hope Ethiopia – Trek the Simien Mountains

Revel in the dizzying heights and the breath-taking views of the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia on this ultimate bucket-list adventure.

This tough but oh-so-rewarding seven-day trek will take you along the Simien Mountain Chain to its highest peak at Ras Dashen, which sits at a whopping 4,533 m above sea level. Along the way, you’ll be constantly surrounded by stunning vistas of green valleys and dramatic ridges. Don’t forget to look out for the elusive and endangered Simien Wolf, the Lammergeyer, a bearded vulture, the Galia Baboon and the Walia Ibex, a large mountain goat.

Home to an ancient culture, Ethiopia is a fascinating country sitting in the horn of Africa. At the beginning of our adventure, you’ll have the awesome opportunity to browse the biggest open-air market in Africa and the magnificent Royal Palace Enclosure in Gondar, which looks like a medieval castle!

This challenge is in support of the two invaluable charities, The Urology Foundation and the Wellbeing of Women. This only adds to the overwhelming sense of achievement you’ll experience when you reach the summit!

Making amazing new friendships that last a life-time, while experiencing an epic mountain range and proving to yourself that YES, YOU CAN trek a mountain nearly four times the height of Ben Nevis, this is well and truly a dream challenge!

The cause

This amazing challenge supports two incredible charities with the mission to improve the urological and reproductive health of men and women.

Wellbeing of women is the UK charity dedicated to improving the health of women and babies by funding medical research into Gynaecological and Obstetric conditions.

The Urology Foundation is leading the fight against urology disease through funding research, offering education and by providing specialist training.

Funds are divided equally between the two charities and go a long way to help the essential research they support. Together, we can create a healthier, happier UK.



17 November – 28 November 2018

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