17/11/2020: WeAreVirtual: Resilience Masterclass: Learn to Live by Faith Not Fear | Faith Ruto

Faith Ruto, WeAreVirtual

In this webinar, Faith Ruto, resilience coach, speaker and mentor, will teach us how to learn to live by faith, not fear.

This session will cover how living in fear can stop us from being resilient and confident, as well as providing practical tips and key strategies to help you thrive in your career and business during change.


About Faith

Faith RutoFaith Ruto (MBA, BSc) is the founding director of www.Transformation21st.com and a published author of “Transform Within – 7 Strategies for professional growth and resilience” www.faithruto.com.

Transformation21st Ltd was set up in 2015, to help busy professionals and entrepreneurs build confidence, resilience and career clarity to thrive during a time of change. To date, Faith has delivered bespoke programmes to multinationals, charities and supported women & BAME professionals to help accelerate their career.

Faith is a dynamic and inspirational keynote speaker, a resilience coach, mentor, published author and a mum of two. Faith started her global corporate career in the Royal Dutch Shell in 2002 as an IT graduate. She progressed quickly to leading global technology and change projects that resulted in business transformation and innovation.

Faith was a shortlist at the Woman of the Future awards(2011) and speaker of the year award at Women in Business (2019). Faith is a public speaker ambassador for the www.EveAppeal.org.uk and a student ambassador for www.BasingstokeConsortium.com

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