17/11/2021: Navigating the Menopause | The Mat Sanctuary & Emma Arden

Navigating the Menopause event, The Mat Sanctuary & Emma Arden

The Menopause… what does it do to you and how can you navigate your way through it?

Please join us at The Mat Sanctuary Studio for a holistic approach to navigate yourself through the menopause.

We will create a safe place for you to share or you can sit and listen and ream in the benefits of Yoga, Meditation and EFT tapping.

We create a safe place for you to talk & share your woe’s and wisdom. There is nothing quite like the understanding of other women going through a similar process. We can laugh, we can cry and we sure can navigate our way through it when we all feel a little lost.

The evening will consist of introductions and a warm welcome. Then you will be guided through a medition and a short yoga session by Laura, both specifically designed to help with symptoms of the menopause. (No previous yoga experience required.) This will be followed by EFT tapping with Emma. Afterwhich we close the evening, but there will be time to talk if you like.

All you need to bring is yourself and comfortable clothing. Maybe a diary if you like to write things down.

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