17/11/2022: How can we reach equal representation of women in Parliament by 2028? | Centenary Action Group

Centenary Action Group, November event image

Recent months have brought into stark focus why we need more women in parliament and why we need to challenge the culture and other barriers that prevent women from standing or staying once they’ve been elected.

All the political parties have now recognised the imperative of greater women’s representation and, as a general election approaches, we are at a key point in the political cycle to bring influence to bear. 
Centenary Action Group is delighted to invite you to their panel event which will examine how the political parties can increase the number of women MPs and what needs to change in the culture to ensure they are retained. There will be an opportunity for you to have your say via the Q&A. Following the discussion there will be a networking opportunity for CAG members and parliamentarians to further discuss the issues. 
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