18/03/20: Online Workshop: How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome | Like Minded Females

Webinar - How to overcme imposter syndrome

Imposter syndrome affects over 55% of us – it’s time to recognise our strengths, find our confidence and show up to reach our goals!

Most human beings tend to lack confidence in themselves…have you noticed?

Low self esteem and confidence can be inevitable;especially in this hyper connected world. Research in the UK has found that more than 66% of females and 55% of men suffer from imposter syndrome.

Are you an imposter?

Facing our fears feels dreadful (we’ve all been there?). Avoiding them, on the other hand, tends to lead to a drop in motivation, productivity, performance and engagement, and a surge in stress and anxiety.

When handled correctly, however, these same tasks, failures and projects can be turned into opportunities to fix problems, build trust, and boost respect and understanding.

Join confidence coach Sonya Barlow for this experiential session and learn actionable tips and guidance on how to overcome imposter syndrome and shine with confidence!

What does this workshop involve?

In this interactive session, we will touch on associated topics such as confidence, imposter syndrome, communication styles and delve into personalities, diversity and differences. Through a series of theories, examples and exercises, you will learn how to approach tricky conversations with confidence. There will be a series of group, pair and individual exercises. Upon completion of this workshop, participants will have actionable strategies for leveraging strengths and addressing challenging areas.

What will I leave with?

  • Actionable strategies for leveraging strengths and addressing challenging areas
  • Insight on how to tackle your triggers
  • Real steps to overcome imposter syndrome
  • Resources and online suggestions of podcasts, books and articles
  • Understand the different phases of confidence
  • Introductions to new community members


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