18/03/20: Webinar – Leading with uncertainty: Expanding your resilience | Lisa Barnwell

Leading with Uncertainty, Lisa Barnwell eventCoronavirus is dominating the world’s attention and to some degree it’s affecting us all.

It’s critical that as a leader you create the space to understand your own fears and emotions and have the best tools to help you cope with a rising tide of change and uncertainty.

As humans we are built to adapt and respond to the reality of the present moment and have an innate resilience, inner wisdom, and a capacity to survive. But anxiety, stress and outside influences can weaken our immune system and test our mental agility and inner calm.

When we feel stressed we make irrational decisions or become so paralysed that we don’t make decisions at all. Our clarity gets lost and our wellbeing goes out of the window.

This one hour webinar will help you understand your core emotional responses and gain insight into the beliefs that are driving them. It will help you move from feeling overwhelmed, powerless, in panic or reaction, into a place where you can address your natural fear and anxiety and respond to the current crisis in a positive and productive way.

It will help you to:-

  • Understand the 3 types of anxiety and let go of what you can’t control
  • Learn simple ways to shift the tension in your body
  • Access your own resilience and address the uncertainty you feel

Leaders often feel they have to hide their emotions but suppressing them only serves to make us inauthentic, unrelateable and unhappy. Learning ways to turn towards your feelings without collapsing into them will boost your resilience, creativity and connnection with others, helping you to lead well and thrive.

How can I help you?

Everything I’ve learnt until now as a coach, mentor and entrepreneur has taught me that resilience comes from within and is intrinsically linked with our sense of identity and self-belief.

After a 3 year journey through cancer and a 20 year career as an entrepreneur, I’ve first hand experience in how to develop the emotional awareness needed by leaders today to face the unknown and have proven success with a tool-kit that builds resilience to improve performance. (Over 100,000 women have tried and tested these techniques).

These are unprecendented times but we have the tools to help us.

Date & Time: Wed, 18 March 2020, 12:30 – 13:30


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