18/05/20 – 28/05/20: Leadership Redesigned | The Imperfect Leader

Leadership Redesigned

It’s clear to see how well the nations led by women have been doing during COVID-19 with their early interventions, swift lockdowns and sufficient testing but today, all leaders, face a huge opportunity for growth.

The realm of our reality is changing and whilst it may feel disorientating, disorganized or destabilizing, to navigate our way through the unknown, it may be helpful to note that the current conditions are perfect for transformation and creating new ways to work.

A few weeks ago I thought about the leaders I know who operate a little differently to the norm. Who lead with courage and compassion and have high levels of emotional integrity; who have an expanding capacity for self-awareness and are naturally championing change. I wanted to ask them how they are coping – personally and professionally – with all the juggling and the challenges; and see what we could learn if we shared our experiences.

The result is Leadership Redesigned: a stimulating series of conversations & panel discussions with 28 transformational leaders across 12 time zones. We work for large global corporates including DLA Piper, Heineken & HSBC, global management services firms such as BCG & Robert Walters, and across the creative industries.

We are CEO’s, COO’s, Coaches and Consultants and we will be discussing: What are the biggest concerns and challenges right now or how can we be a better leader at this time? We will share the opportunities we sense around us, model being centered amongst the chaos, the surprising pivots we’ve all had to make and the ways of working we’ve had to let go.

We all need support to embrace disruption; to shift to a growth mindset and model imperfect leadership so if you’re sensing this could be an exciting time to change but are feeling unsupported, unable to navigate effective leadership conversations remotely or feel isolated within your business working from home then this event is for you.

Join us between 18 – 28 May 2020 when we’ll be talking about how to innovate, thrive & rise during unprecedented uncertainty and the skills and practices that are guiding us through. We can’t promise you a quick fix but we can definitely promise you a wealth of wisdom and a whole host of ideas.


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