18/06/2020: WeAreVirtual: The E-Word – How to Boost Inclusion, Wellbeing & Engagement By Becoming More Empathetic webinar | Shola Kaye

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This talk will help you develop your personal courage, leadership skills and ability to create an inclusive environment.

Learn to seek out and support those you would usually avoid. Discover how to listen more effectively and use a simple framework to develop both yourself and a sense of community, even when working remotely. Additional benefits for you and your and colleagues include increased happiness and well-being.


Shola KayeAbout Shola:

Shola Kaye is a communication consultant, author of two books and an award-winning speaker. Her keynote and masterclass topics include communication for diversity and inclusion, workplace communication, in particular for teams that deal with complex information, and workplace empathy. She also speaks about how to create a more inclusive environment for introverts, especially within the technical/data/STEM work space. She has a degree in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University, a background in IT consulting and spent more than 15 years as an international performer, which has been the foundation of her unique, creative and energetic approach. Shola has been featured in Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar and on the BBC.

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