18/08/2020: WeAreVirtual: How To Turn What’s In Your Head Into Money In The Bank With A Signature System webinar | Rose Radford

WeAreVirtual: How To Turn What's In Your Head Into Money In The Bank With A Signature System webinar | Rose Radford

When you have a lot of skills and can help people in numerous ways, it’s hard to package your brilliance up into a stand out offer, find the right audience to market to and sell that offer in a scalable way, so you can stop trading time for money as a coach, consultant or entrepreneur.

In this super practical session, I’ll take you through exactly how to turn your wealth of experience and expertise into a signature system with clarity, so you can impact more people, make more money and have more fun doing it!

If you’re done with serving lots of people with different things or want to know how to turn the value inside your head into money in the bank, then this is the training for you.


Rose RadfordAbout Rose

Rose Radford is a former McKinsey Strategy Consultant turned Business Strategist & Coach and Tedx Speaker to ambitious women entrepreneurs. Her aim is to help 100,000 women unlock their income potential through online entrepreneurship & her Inner Wealth Work® by the year 2025, and has made a solid dent in that figure since 2018.

Through her private coaching, online programs and speaking, Rose helps her clients create the strategy & wealth mindset they need to create service-based businesses that light them up and set them free.

Rose has been featured in Forbes, the US News, BossBabe, Thrive Global and others.

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