18/10/2016: Will digital fluency help to achieve gender equality in the workplace? | PwC Gender Balance Network

PwC Gender Balance Network

The rise of digital technology is causing disruption to many aspects of modern life and this is a well- documented and discussed phenomenon. However, new research has started a dialogue in the media about whether “digital fluency”, the extent to which people embrace and use digital technologies, could also have the potential to impact gender equality, by accelerating the closing of the gender gap in the workplace.

The Challenge

Can gender parity be improved simply by changing the way we use technology? What can organisations and leaders do to practically increase and accelerate digital fluency in their workforce? Do women really have lower levels of digital fluency than men, and if so, why is this happening? What impact can digital fluency have on cultural, societal and historical factors like stereotypes and unconscious biases which contribute to gender inequality?

The Debate

During the session, we will look to explore these questions in more detail, including how digital is impacting working cultures, whether it can unlock a more diverse talent pool and what, if any, are the new challenges to supporting an inclusive workplace culture in a digital age.

Come along and hear our guests discuss if, why and how they think digital fluency will impact gender parity and actively participate in an interactive session with them on the challenges and opportunities that digital technology brings to the workplace. We’ll be joined by:

  • Yetunde Hofmann, Business Leadership Development Coach, Visiting Fellow, Henley Business School
  • Sharon Doherty, Group Organisation and People Development Director at Vodafone
  • Panellists from FTSE 100 Companies
  • PwC Digital Team Member

Date: 18 October 2016
Time: 8.00am for 8.30am start, finish by 10.30am
Location: Seminar Room 1 and 2, PwC, Embankment Place, WC2N 6RH

Please feel free to forward this invite to colleagues and friends who may be interested in attending. We would particularly encourage people to bring along male colleagues, so we can have a useful and lively gender balanced discussion!




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