19/03/20: Women in Work Webinar | PES

Women in Work WebinarJoin PES for an exciting webinar inspired by International Women’s Day in March.

We’ll be hosting a panel of experts discussing a range of issues affecting women’s wellbeing at work, including the M-word – yes, the menopause!

Date & Time:

Thursday 19th March 9.45-11.00am


Gill Simpson, Executive and parent coach at Chapter Forty Four

  • Importance of looking after our own needs as well as our children’s
  • The business and social imperative: why supporting working parents matters
  • How organisational culture may support/hinder working parents

Debbie Kleiner, Head of Workplace wellbeing, PES

  • Mental health key facts
  • Gender and mental health
  • Promoting positive mental health for all genders
  • Creating mental health strategy

Sarah Davies, Co-Founder and Director, Talking Menopause

  • Menopause Key facts
  • Who is affected?
  • What are the symptoms and how they can be recognised
  • Impact for individuals, and in the workplace
  • Practical solutions to manage menopause at work including case studies

If you’re responsible for the wellbeing of your workforce, book now to hear from expert speakers and get practical takeaways for your business.


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