19/04/2022: WeAreVirtual: Define your purpose and achieve more in (and out of) work | Fiona Moss

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Asking yourself questions such as?

  • Why does Purpose Matter?
  • Do you even have a purpose?
  • How do you find it?
  • How will this help you achieve more?
  • How will this help you feel more fulfilled and live a life more aligned to your values?

But then asking where do you even start?

Purpose seems to be such a buzz word, and almost a dream-like idea and almsot out of reach. Perhaps you have resigned to the idea that you don’t have purpose and you just need to do work that perhaps you don’t love, but ‘it’s fine’.
The problem when something doesn’t intrinsically motivate you, you will never apply yourself fully, and as such, you will limit your potential. And what’s more, you won’t experience life as deeply as you could.
But you do have a purpose, we all have a purpose. You already have it, within you.
And once you can define it, you can take action to align your work and life to it, ultimately enabling you to achieve more.
I know you are not ok with ‘fine’, so it is time to define your purpose so that you can step into that next level.


In this webinar we will explore: 

– Why does Purpose Matter?

– How will this help you achieve more?

– How to define your purpose?

– How to use your purpose to take action to achieve more as soon as you leave the webinar

Fiona MossAbout Fiona

Fiona is not your average career coach and business mentor. She supports women to Be Bold, uncover their purpose and challenge the norm, to do work which allows them to live a life beyond their wildest dreams.


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