19/04/2023: WeAreVirtual: The Welfare of Women in the Workplace | Laura Jennings

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There are many life-changing events along our career paths. We explore employment rights and practical guidance to assist during those times. Considering how you can approach your employer for support and/or support employees.

Life events such as menopause, fertility treatment, miscarriage and relationship breakdown can impact welfare in and out of the workplace. We discuss how flexible working and workplace policies can assist. Mental awareness, well-being and having support is vital at various stages of our life and often we as women suffer in silence.

We want to open the discussion to the events that do impact us, how we can best support each other, how we can approach our employer and ensure that welfare is considered in the workplace.


About Laura

Laura is an experienced Family Law Solicitor and a Director of A City Law Firm. Her experience is predominantly in Family Law, but she has also widened her experience over recent years to include Employment Law.

Laura has published articles in various national magazines, appeared on radio and given talks to the Citizens Advice offices regarding changes in the law. During the past seventeen years Laura has been practicing, she has witnessed many changes in family law and is an advocate to ensuring the information surrounding these changes is made readily available.

Laura sits on an Ethics Committee for a Fertility Clinic in Chelsea, where she offers guidance on ethical issues alongside a panel of other professionals. As a consequence to Laura’s exceptional expertise, she was asked to join legal side of Surrogacy Arrangements, which she has been assisting with since 2011.

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