19/11/2020: Masculinity in the Workplace | HeANDShe X Token Man

Masculinity in the workplace event

Welcome to the Masculinity in the Workplace conference 2020 ‘Virtual Edition’ which will be taking place on the 19th November in conjunction with International Men’s Day.

“ Masculinity in the workplace consistently has more white men attending than any other diversity/inclusion event. Bravo. Now use it to drive change.”

After the success of the last two events, we have taken up the challenge to truly drive change at a leadership level. For us, leadership is not about the corner office. It’s about doing the right thing. It’s about role modelling change and attracting others to follow suit. We need more courageous leadership right now. From everyone.

Put simply, our current leaders don’t always have the insight or skills to lead diverse and inclusive teams. The skillset at the top needs to change. Come along and learn these skills, and be inspired by those showing leadership in 2020.

Join us for a day of panels, keynote speakers and workshops where we will explore:

  • What we can learn from covid19 about modern leadership
  • How people cope and thrive when their version of masculinity is at odds with the dominant version of masculinity
  • Why we still see vulnerability as a weakness when it is fundamental to inclusive leadership
  • How we can create more empathetic leaders
  • How we can build our own cultural intelligence to ensure that workplaces are inclusive
  • How traditional constructs around masculinity getting in the way of us being anti-racist
  • How we can break down the barriers that make it hard for men to get support

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