19/11/2021: Masculinity in the Workplace 2021 – Allyship and Beyond | HeANDShe X Token Man

Masculinity in the Workplace, HeANDShe X Token Man event

Welcome to Masculinity in the Workplace 2021, our annual event to mark International Men’s Day.

Masculinity in the Workplace aims to challenge gender stereotypes in workplace culture to enable everyone to thrive in a more inclusive and diverse world.

This year our theme is Allyship, a key tool to combat exclusion. We want to encourage more men to become active allies, we want to cement the behaviours of active allyship and we want to open up a conversation about what comes next.

This conference is your opportunity to:

  • Deepen your understanding of how to be an ally
  • Identify solutions to drive change
  • Be inspired to take action now and also to create a vision for the future
  • Gain VIP access to our research report insights on the role of men in creating inclusive workplaces

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